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What is hacking? Who's the hacker? How many types and what? Ordinary users will also understand easily

What is hacking

What is hacking?

Hacking is a process where someone enters a computer or computer network without any valid permission. Those who hack are hackers. Almost all of you know this. Almost all of us know that hacking is just hacking a website and many people think hacking means just hacking computers or computer networks, is that really so?

No, it's not. Hacking can be of many types. Your mobile phone, land phone, car tracking, various electronics and digital devices are also covered by hacking if they are used without valid permission.  Hackers usually find fault with these electronics devices and hack them.

Now let's see who the hacker is or what?

Hacker: The person who practice hacking is called a hacker. They know all the information about the structure, functioning, how they work, and how they will hack the system. Earlier computers were not so prevalent then hackers used to hack phones. Phone calls were called Phreaker and this process Phreaking called. They hacked and used various telecommunication systems for their own needs.

There are three types of hackers:

Let's say hackers are identified with Hat or hats.

  • White hat hacker
  • Grey hat hacker
  • Black hat hacker

White hat hacker: Everyone thinks hacking is a bad thing, right? No hacking is not a very bad thing to do. White hat hacker hackers prove that hacking is not a bad thing. For example, a white hat hacker detects errors in a security system and quickly reports errors to the owner of that security system. This time the security system can be a computer, a website on a computer network, a software, etc.

Grey hat hacker: Grey hat hacker are two-faced snakes. Let's explain why I'm saying it now. When they find faults with a security system, he will act as he pleases. He will do what his mind wants at that time. He can report or damage information or view information on the owner of that security system if he wishes. Again, he can use it for his own interests. Most of the hackers falls under this category.

Black hat hacker: And the most dangerous hacker is this Black hat hacker. When they find faults in a security system, they quickly exploit the error for their own sake. Destroys that system. Spreads different viruses. He keeps his way so that he can enter the future again. After all, he also tries to get into the subsystems under that system.

Hackers are the most intelligent people is recognized or known to all. Many good hackers have never done any bad hacking in life. But they did a hacking to get trapped or get angry with someone. Then which category will you find him in? He is Grey hat hacker too because his hacking depends on his will or thoughts.

Below, I will introduce you to a few other types of hawkers:

Anarchists: Anarchists are hackers who like to break different computer secure systems or any other system. They work to find opportunities for any target.

Crackers: Sometimes harmful hackers are called crackers. Bad hackers are crackers. Their shock or profession is to break the various sort of password and create Trojan Horses and create other harmful software. (Are you one of them? So, you're the king of hacking) harmful software are called Warez. They use or sell these harmful software for their own benefit.

Script kiddies: They are not real hackers. They have no real knowledge of hacking. They download or buy various Warez and then use hacking.

Hackers hacking in many ways. I'm discussing a few types of hacking:

Pissing: Almost everyone knows something about Pissing. I'm sharing some links below to get to know better if you read them and protect your-self from hacked.

Denial of Service attack: Denial of Service attack is a process of DoS Attack in short where hackers break into a network and destroy its power without getting any access. DoS Attack increases the tariff of a net connection or router.

Trojan Horses: Is a program that destroys other programs. It is known as virus. Using Trojan Horses, other programs are able to access damaged dice passwords or other information to hackers.

Back Doors: Back Doors are searched and hackers use a system. Back Doors are administrative easy roads, configuration mistakes, easily understood passwords, and unreserved dial-ups connections, etc. They find out these errors with the help of computers. It uses a network other than these and other weak places.

Rogue Access Points: Hackers use Rogue Access Points to access a wireless network. 

Some of the most popular tricks to avoid hacking:

  • Avoid downloading or using unknown software even if it is used by your friend (not all friends, don't trust them again). If a software is downloaded first, make a suggestion about it on the net search.
  • Check the sat address thoroughly when logging in to a site. Avoid logging in with links from mail.If you are a developer, you must have better knowledge of security from the average user.
  • Always give passwords more than 8 digits. Key generator software can break more digit passwords with ordinary computers. Avoid giving passwords with as many numbers as you can. And now Unicode supports almost all sites, so if you use a word, use the word of the country yourself which is easier for you to remember. Don't think I'm asking you to use words. Avoid using as many words as you can. Say No English words completely.
  • And refrain from logging in to unfamiliar sites.

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